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Message from President
The world is witnessing astounding advancement in the field of science and technology and as a result the means to acquire knowledge has increased multifold. Though the means are many, the reading of books for acquisition of knowledge is considered to be most effective of them all.

We are never alone when we have books as our companions. That is why the word ‘sahitya’ is used. The word ‘sahitya’ is a derivative of the word ‘sahita’, meaning together, unity, coherence.

When we have a book to read, we are never alone and we are deemed to have a companion with us. Reading of a book gives us the habit of solitary reflection and true enjoyment. Books foster the psychological health of the reader, induce in him the largeness of mind and better vision and give moral contentment. They also act as means to build bridges between cultures.

The Bangalore Book sellers’ and Publishers’ Association(BBPA) is a registered body established in the January 1988,viz; we are 30 years young. It is an organization representing and serving the interest of comity of people like authors, booksellers, book wholesalers and publishers involved in the noble act of publishing and marketing of books.

With utmost gratitude and reverence, I recall the initiative and efforts of M/s Gangaram Book Bureau, M/s Higginbothams, M/s UBS Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd. and M/s Satish Agencies, for starting this Association and giving it a strong and stable foundation. Their initial efforts have helped us to grow to the present stature.

To conduct Bangalore Book Festival every year in Bangalore and also co-operate and support associations in other towns.The BBPA is acting as the unifying force amongst booksellers and publishers. It is relentlessly working to

foster the spirit of unity and mutual trust among its members.

promote and protect the interest of its members.

act as a source of information by providing latest updates in the field of publishing, marketing and related areas and thereby enabling its members to have better understanding of the various facets of the ever expanding horizon of the industry.

BBPA holds the prestigious position of being a representative body on selection of books for bulk purchases by the Government of Karnataka

The Association successfully negotiated with the Government of Karnataka and convinced the authorities to backtrack and withdraw Sales Tax on books.

Making books a part of life of every individual is the ultimate motto of the Association. To achieve this avowed objective, the Association is organising Bangalore Book Festival, annually, since 2003. This initiative has enabled to take the books closer to the public. This act also has indirectly created a platform for the members to expand their business horizon.

Seminars on various subjects like Book Piracy, Book Publishing, Book Marketting and many other related topics are also being arranged periodically.

BBPA is committed to serve the book community in all earnestness. You may feel free to seek any related information from us. Further, We welcome your suggestions to further improve upon.

                                                                           -  Ramachandra A N
             PRESIDENT, BBPA